What it can do

Treelink is a platform-independent tool for linking datasets, clustering and visualizing phylogenetic trees.

The application allows an automated integration of datasets to trees resulting in annotated visualizations displaying the distribution of selected data attributes in branches and nodes. Genomic and proteonomic sequences can also be linked to the tree and extracted from internal nodes and leafs. The visualizations comprise of the phylogenetic tree, the labels used to annotate the tree, and the annotations, which can be downloaded as svg images.

A novel clustering algorithm to simplify trees and display the most divergent clades was also developed. Phylogeographic inference and plotting based on maximum parsimony and maximum likelihood for ancestral reconstruction is also comprehended. File support includes the most popular formats like newick and csv. Exporting visualizations as images, cluster outputs and genomic sequences is supported.

Example data for the tool can be found at the Manual section


10 September 2016: Option to save an enriched configuration file for the tree, allowing to save the tree with the linked information and the changes made.

25 August 2016: New beta version 1.3, basic edit and coloring functions added.

5 January 2016: Treemin (beta) component added to the online version, after a few tests it will be added to the Desktop version.

29 December 2015: TreeLink published as a Bioinformatics software at the BMC Bioinformatics journal.


You can also download the source files and contribute at the Github repository.

Desktop application download:

Windows Version 1.2 | Windows Version 1.3
MAC Version 1.2 | MAC Version 1.3
Linux Version 1.2 | Linux Version 1.3

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